The Heart of the Matter Series



As we turn our calendars towards spring we are turning our souls towards the Cross in this season of Lent with our series called “Cracking the Emmaus Code.” I’m sure you might be asking right now “What is the Emmaus Code?” and “Why do I need to learn how to crack it?” The Emmaus code is a key to unlocking our understanding of all of scripture and why the promises of God, though thousands of years old, are relevant, effective, and essential in our lives today. 


The best traps in the world are the kinds that are hidden in plain sight, however not seen until it’s too late. It’s only in hindsight that the trapped animal or person are able to see how they easily could have avoided a dangerous or even fatal situation had they only seen the obvious signs. That is why I am so glad you have joined us today as we expose the number one tool Satan uses to destroy relationships, divide churches, and trap God’s people in the secret prison of offense. 


It seems nothing in life is more important or at times more difficult than relationships. Sometimes it can feel like things are too far gone, even for love. That's why we're so glad you've joined us on this 3-week journey to unlock some hidden keys to help us discover that even when everything else in the world fails, Love Works.


 We have all heard it said that “Hindsight is 20/20”. However, in this series we will seek to not only look back, but also look at what is, and what will be as the year 2020 approaches. The key to our eyesight’s 20/20 vision is focus and sometimes to see clearly you need to have corrective lenses. Much like our eyesight, as we focus our life with the correct lenses things become clear and moving forward less painful. Thanks for joining us at Florence Church as we focus toward a life transforming 20/20 Vision.  

~ Pastor John